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~Kuraki Mai LJ Community~
Since 2005.11.2

♥ This is a LJ Community for Kuraki Mai

♥ Anyone can join! Whether to learn more about Mai or to share their love of Mai!

♥ Rules are few and simple:
» Be nice and respect each other. It's elementary.
» Keep large images, iconposts, long texts behind a LJ-cut. It's common sense.
» Limit community advertisements to Mai or GIZA related. It's erm... loyalty?
» Expanded from above, please keep all posts on-topic and relating to Mai. It's loyalty as well.

♥ Keep song requests to a minimum. If needed, Tokyo-Nights, jpop_uploads, and jpop_mp3s are mighty awesome places to go to.

♥ Downloads and such are members-only, so join for full access!!

♥ Questions and other inquiries for the mod can be sent to this post!

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